What is your shipping policy?

At the moment we are only accepting online orders from UK customers. Spare parts are despatched from Belgium and there is a £30 delivery charge.


Orders are usually fulfilled in 5 working days.


Unfortunately, we aren't currently able to accept online orders from overseas. If you need something shipped outside of the UK please call or send us an enquiry and we will be happy to help.


Can I claim VAT exemption if the purchase is for a disabled person?

If the goods are being purchased for a UK resident for their own private use, they may be eligible for VAT exemption. It isn't possible to claim VAT exemption on online purchases so you will need to call us.


Trade sales?

We are happy to receive enquiries from trade customers.


Can your pool lifts be used with above ground pools?

The Splash and the PAL can be configured to work with above ground pools.


Can I have a pool hoist installed if there is a drainage gulley or channel around the pool?

The extended reach version of the Splash pool lift has been designed for pools with a drainage channel.


What is the weight limit on a pool lift?

It depends which model, the lifting capacities range from 136 kg to 181 kg.


How do I keep my pool lift in good condition?

Please click the attached link for detailed maintenance advice.


How far into the water will the pool hoist chair go?

The seat should a minimum 45 cm (18") below the stationary water level.