Cruise Ship Hoists

RMT have supplied many hoists for use onboard cruise ships. The design of swimming pools on cruise liners often dictates which pool lift is most suitable and in many cases the only lift that will work is the Splash Extended Reach Hi/Lo Pool Lift.


Splash ER Hi/LO Pool Hoist with seat and mast covers.

The Splash Cruise Ship Pool Access Hoist

The Splash Extended Reach Hi/Lo is one of the most versatile pool lifts on the market.

Carnival Cruise staff receiving pool hoist training

Deck Mounted Pool Hoist

The design of cruise ship swimming pools can make it quite difficult to fit a pool lift. Portable pool lifts are not usually an option because it is much safer to have the lift anchored when it is being used. 

Splash Extended Reach Hi/Lo Cruise Ship Pool Hoist

Extended Reach Pool Hoist

Many cruise ships have a small wall around the pool and there can be quite a distance from the wall to the water. The Splash Extended Reach can overcome this problem and with the addition of the Hi/Lo adaption kit it can handle pools with a low waterline and hot tubs with a high wall.